Frequently Asked Questions

1. How best, sleep is required for us?


Sleep is the mysterious shift in consciousness that our body require everyday. It is vital for our health and well being. For this vital statics, one should have a quality mattress to rest on.


2. To get a good sleep, How we should adopt our self.


To ensure a good sleep, it is essential to follow a good lifestyle habit and eliminated factors that are causing you a disturbed sleep. For Example make sure that your bed room is with right environment, like looking at the lighting at your bedroom, and avoiding foods and drinks that can hinder sleep.

More and above than this, have a quality mattress to sleep on.


3. How Bedy mattress works for you?


Bedy Mattress helps you sleep comfortably and wake up, feeling refreshed, without body pain and stifness. It Provides adequate support and meet international standards for a comfortable stay put for you. 

There is no single mattress type that works for all the people. To Cater to different people, a wide range of mattress varieties (coir, foam, spring mattress etc.,) are available with Bedy.