Memory foams defines in shape under pressure and doesn't opening back to its original

shape straight away. The Chemistry of the foam allows the foam calls to spread the air

pressure from one to another when you lie on the mattress, making memory foam incredibly

effective at reducing the inspect of the body's natural pressure points memory foam is

temperature sensitive and visco elastic, and will respond to your body temperature and body

mass.This Technology is based on the amount of heat storage capacity in a product. The

Technology was originally developed for NASA in America. In these sheet sets, outlast

thermocules absorb excess heat when the body becomes too warm, releasing it back when

the body comes to natural temperature.

PU Foam is essentially a foam of plastic which is inner and hypo - allergic. its inherent

structure allows its cell wall to compressed and de-compressed so as to adapt to the contours

of our body. Made up of finest proprietary flexi bond materiel. This lens to the durability and

functional cozyness to the product. It is washable, lighter, sturdy and long lasting. This ECo PU

Foam, substitutes natural plant oil for some of the petroleum based polyol that is used in the

foam production. Another future in this is the designed to prevent bed bug infestation and


Foam Mattresses are a highly popular alternative to spring mattresses, an ultra comfort variety with all the best showings at its hustings. Both PUF material and memory foam ( NASA's ) Visco elastic material are available in this variety. The Fabrics are of imported Jaguard, Cotton Viscos blended cloth, Satin cotton blended cloth or any other plucky varieties that will satisfy you to the full. All the fabrics, Colour and Design are delightful and stylish. The quilt is with high density PU foam and the quilt designs are the best. Both sides of the matteresses are quilted and therefore the matteress is reversible for usage.

Salient Features

  1. Hypo allergic and dust mite resistant, this helps patients who are dust allergic and asthmatic.
  2. Fabric are of high valued variety with a rich look and splendorous feeling.
  3. A feeling of floating in the cloud for the sleeper .
  4. Eco Friendly Foam Mattress.
  5. Comes with a 10 years guarantee.
  6. Available in 5", 6",7",8" thickness.