Rubberised coir mattress are made totally out of the eco - friendly materials like coir and latex. In this the latex is sprayed into the curled coir fibre of foam the layers. Then the layers are put one over the other and hot pressed to form the mattress. Thickness and density of the mattress is dependant on the number of layers hot pressed together. This coir mattress is not bulky and rough as in with other brands; But it is lighter in weight and with smooth surface. In this, natured latex and natural coco coir fibre is put in to correct ratio, to give excellence in quality. PU foam which will be a part in finishing this mattress is also eco - friendly PU Foam ( Courtesy through Eco - Friendly raw material used in the production line). Another feather in the cap of the mattress is the anti bed bug infestation feature imported into it. The cutting edge engineering behind this construction is to give the following advantages.


  1. Lighter in Weight and a smooth surface.
  2. Terrific anti - sagging capablity.
  3. Lasts for Longer life than any other rubberissed coir mattress.
  4. Comes with 10 years solid guaranty.
  5. Great cushioning effect coupled with firmness required for the Support.


Multi Layer Anti-Sagging Bounce Back Effect


Highest standard coir layer, sand witched between Eco - Friendly virgin PUF Material. Coir Layer with firmness for the ultimate spiral support. Eco - Friendly PUF with softness for the ultimate coziness.

As the mattress gets compressed, the body and spine getting alligned in line with the mattress. This gives the best comfort required in sleep.

The central core returning back to its original shape with a springy action. This effect is, what is called as anti - sagging effect.

An ECO - Friendly mattress with all the features like breathability light weight, anti-sagging technology, sturdiness incorporated in one. A multi layer padding on the top with a stylish quited exterior odds to the comfort factor. The exquisite tapestry appeals to the esthetic senses. This is a master piece of all times and a design unmatched ever before in history. The hall mark of this matress is the Eco-Friendlyness, Breathebility and the bug resistant factors incorporated into it with the inner coir block made with the latest (VFA) technology in a most modern plant, and the quilting done through the computerized Quilting machine, the mattress is sure to give you a lasting cushioning Experience.


Salient Features

  1. Available in 5".6",7",8" Thickness.
  2. Quality mattress with reinforcement at the center and on all four sides for better durability.
  3. ECO- friendly and bug repellant functions incorporated.
  4. A Sandwich of Eco - Foam & Eco - Rubberissed coir for Exceptional Sturdiness and for the anti sagging character.
  5. Hand Picked Fabrics used for good attractive appearance & Comfort.
  6. Comes with 10 years Quarante.