Fancy is Designed Specially to make it simple in cost. But built robustly to with in stand the rigours of the day to day usage. The Special features are

Salient Features

  1. Flexi - PUF sandwiched between Rubberized coir layers. This gives Firmness
  2. coupled with softness for a blisful Experience.

  3. Fabric of high quality for an attractive appearence
  4. Comes with a 1 year guarantee.
  5. Available thickness - 4”.

Regular is Designed to give you a comfort for a calm night of sleep with a day coming up with a freshness of lie for you. The Special features are.


Salient Features

  1. Made of Rubberissed coir inner block and PUF outer layer.

  2. Rubberissed coir block made in a most Advanced Machine with a VFA Technology.

  3. VFA Technology imparts good uniform distribution of curled coir fibre & Latext through

    out the coir block. Fibre is vertically aligned to give good anti-sagging effect.

  4. Fabric hand picked for attractive appearance and comfort.

  5. Comes with a 1 year Guarantee.

  6. Available thickness - 4”.

Grand is designed as a class product, specially designed to suit people with tastes of higher level. The special features are of all shade colour.


Salient Features

  1. Satin cotton fabric with different shades with gold print & khadi print designs.

  2. 18 density PUF, quilted with the Fabric, on one side of the mattress for a superb comfort..

  3. Made of Rubberized coir Inner Block.

  4. Reduces stress & fatigue.

  5. Improves good blood circulation and sleep.

  6. Comes with 1 Year guarantee.

  7. Available thickness - 4”.


This mattress is With high quality, high density Pu-Foam as core base. Made with the finest quality raw materials. This is light and Foldable. Special Feature are


Salient Features

  1. The Inner core made with virgin PU-Foam material.

  2. Special Satin and cotton blended Fabric with Gold & khadi prints are used.

  3. Reduces stress & fatigue.

  4. Comes with 1 years guarantee.
  5. Available thickness - 4”.